BMW Motorrad Philippines

The Philippine Superbike Championships Round 5 Places Marvin Mangulabnan in Daring Make or Break Challenge.

Now at its 5th leg, contention at the Philippine Superbike Championship (PSBK) has grown in fervor. With the riders feeling the pressure and adrenaline of the match, every lap raced last September 2 to 3, 2017 at the Batangas Racing Circuit was as extreme as the blazing weather.
Marvin Mangulabnan, official rider for the BMW Motorrad Racing Team, faced the intense competition head on. Beginning the Pre-Final Race in the 4th place, Marvin sped through and outdid all other contenders—finally finishing the 9th lap in the 1st place.
During the Final Race, Marvin then found himself in a neck-to-neck battle with the leading rider. The fierce race counted every second of each lap as a make or break moment—with Marvin ultimately finishing in 2nd place.
With the points lead and 1 leg remaining for the PSBK, BMW Motorrad and Marvin Mangulabnan are fiercely motivated and impassioned to claim another Championship title.
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