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PSBK Leg 3: BMW Motorrad Racing Team bags the podium

The BMW Motorrad Racing team seized the 1st and 3rd places of the Over-all Expert Category at the 3rd round of the PSBK 2018 last July 9 at the Clark International Speedway, Pampanga.

Despite the fickle weather underscored by bouts of rain, the team still persevered and gave it their all on the wet track. Marvin Mangulabnan, reigning PSBK back-to-back champion, took the lead with an impressive stretch in between him and his contenders during the Pre-Final and Final races—bagging the Over-all Expert Category 1st Place Award.

We asked Mangulabnan how it felt to be one more race closer to the possibility of clinching a 3-peat PSBK Champion win. He answered by telling us that he was “very excited to do 3-peat and to do a Grand Slam,” and despite having “mixed emotions” for his near end-to-end racetrack lead, he was happy because “winning is winning.”

Lawrence Macalinao follows up on the team’s winning streak with the 3rd Place Award for the Over-all Expert Category and 2nd Place Award for the Intermediate Category.

The new BMW Motorrad Racing Team members competed as well. Richard Sahagun raced alongside Mangulabnan and Macalinao, while the Pirelli Cup Group 1 saw EJ del Rosario, Edmon Rebadulla, Aljames Mendoza, and Miguelito Austria on the track, with Rebadulla making an impressive comeback for Race 2 after crashing during the first race.

In partnership with the Petron Corporation and spearheaded by their team manager Toto Villanueva, the BMW Motorrad Racing Team is on the prowl to take on more wins.

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